Kawaii Philippines 2015

Another year is ending, but at the same time a new one begins. We all have our ups and downs, happy times, and of course wonderful memories! 2015 has been an amazing year for the Kawaii PH family, team, community, and movement. We had a lot of fun activities, awesome events, and fun get-togethers!

The year started well with the Kawaii PH TV mini series being aired on IBC 13.

Kawaii PH TV logo-01


The Kawaii PH TV has 10 episodes (also posted on our youtube) and was included as a mini segment in Kawaii International and aired on IBC 13.

A lot of opportunities came as the year started! Kawaii PH was also invited to participate in BDJ ALL Things Kawaii!


The team was also invited to take part in school activities! PUP was kind enough to trust Kawaii PH to be a part of a COMM-FAIR & CON-TRASH event by 1NEAT COC of PUP.


Every year, the team takes part (as much as possible) in MATA EXPO.

DSC_5792 DSC_5797 DSC_5771

This year’s Mata Expo included Dolly Kaye’s Princess Dresses!

March was a busy month for the team, as they were invited to partner with NKK of DLSU to launch this year’s Tamashii Convention! The team was in charge of the Kawaii Fashion Show (which was the highlight of the convention) and a lot of Filipino kawaii brands were showcased! Of course, the Kawaii PH Store team also had their booth!

Tamacon 2015

One of the biggest achievements of the Kawaii PH family was the launching of the first ever Kawaii PH Book: Beyond the Cutest Dreams! The launch was held on a weekday, which we were also worried about, but in the end, it turned out to be a very successful event! IBC 13 was also kind enough to feature and air the launch on national TV!




kawaii ph book


A lot of people enjoyed the book launch because of all the activities that the team had prepared for everyone! Companies and brands like Converse, LucyPop Japan, ANA, Horizon of the Sun, Kawaii International and many more were our sponsors and helped us make the event possible!

The team started a Kawaii Fund Campaign in late 2014 to raise funds for future projects, fun events, and kawaii activities! This campaign started with the first semester of School of Kawaii! School of Kawaii was the first ever “chain” project of the team where in it had series of sessions in just a short period of time. There were 4 “classes” or workshops under this term of SOK, the first workshop was entitled “Let’s Draw Cute things!” focusing on kawaii art and drawings inspired by and lead by none other than co-founding member / Creative Director Chichi (Little Miss Paintbrush) , the 2nd workshop was “Complete the Kawaii Look” where in we had 3 sensei’s to help us complete the kawaii look, helping with fashion and posing for the camera is Kawaii PH Ambassadress Ashley, of course photography lessons for better and kawaii pictures lead by Co-founder Anne Kate, and lastly how to create the kawaii look with make up by Kawaii PH blogger Chai (Oh My Little Girl). The 3rd workshop was a craft session, “Kawaii Polymer Clay” (in partnership with Provenance 1800 Design and Crafts), where the students created their own kawaii polymer clay accessories, and the last workshop was “Lolita Dressmaking Basics” lead by none other than Justine of Dorotee Sweetlips.

School of Kawaii - Logo 2015 2016-01

School of Kawaii Worshop 1

school of kawaii - poster-02


school of kawaii workshop 1

School of Kawaii Worshop 2

Workshop 2 Teaser Posteaaar-01


school of kawaii workshop 2

School of Kawaii Worshop 3


kawaii polymer clay

school of kawaii workshop 3

School of Kawaii Worshop 4

dorotee sweetlips workshop poster-01 (2)


school of kawaii workshop 4


Mid 2015 was a surprise for everyone as the Kawaii PH store made its way to Cosmania 2015! It had been a while since the team participated in an anime convention, but this event was pretty much a blast! A surprise visit from Kaila (rainbowholic) also made the event more wonderful!

The Kawaii PH Store released new designs for the Mad Tee Party Shirts, tote bags and sweaters, and a whole lot more!

cosmania 2015

Of course once October hits, you’ll see a lot of scary looking, halloween-y themed places, so the team thought, why not have our own halloween celebration, thus, the first ever Kawaii PH Halloween Party was held at the Staple and Perk Bakery last 31st of October!

The party had a lot of games, prizes, food, and goodies!

hallowee party 1

hallowee party 2

Kaila was able to attend this event and everyone came in their Kawaii/Kowaii look! Of course the people who came in their best costumes won fabulous kawaii prizes! At the end, the Kawaii PH Team also awarded the two kawaii interns of the team, Mica (Marotesque Diaries) who is also a Kawaii PH blogger and helps in event organizing / public relations, and Armaine (The Dream Machine) who is our videographer (content proofreader, and more), for their 1 year anniversary with the Kawaii PH Family!

The last 3 months were pretty much loaded with events! Halloween party in the previous month, and for November, the Kawaii PH Headquarters opened it’s doors for the first time to the public to hold the first ever Kawaii PH Garage Sale! this featured items from Mad Tee Party, Whimsicute, LMP, Dolly Kaye, Rainbowholic shop, JapanLover.Me, and kawaii clothes/items from Japan!

kph store garage sale

Our very own Kawaii Sushi, Visual Artist, Graphic Designer and Musician, Reese, released her first Album – Arigatou Internet last December 6, 2015! A whole bunch of people came to support Reese in this achievement and we are all proud of Reese for her successful album launch!

reese 1st album

The year is almost ending and a lot of good things happened, so what better way to end this year than to celebrate a Winter Wonderland Year End Party!

This was the last event for the year, and it could not have been more kawaii!

year end party

White, pastel and Christmas colors dominated Staple and Perk Bakery last 12th of December for this unforgettable fun filled event! Holiday-themed games, giveaways, and secret santa gift exchanging also happened during the party! Of course and award was given to the person with the most kawaii holiday outfit! The event was super fun and everyone had a great time! Despite the fact that there was actually a storm coming in, it did not stop Kawaii PH from spreading the Kawaii good vibes just before 2015 ends… and to start 2016 in a happy way by spreading the kawaii positive virus!


And lastly, for the first time ever, a Japan-produced (TBS Japan) travel guide show called “Tokyo Extra” featured Kawaii Philippines in one of their episodes. Kaila shared and introduced to Tokyo Extra viewers about the ongoing Kawaii movement by Kawaii Philippines.

Kawaii PH on Tokyo Extra

We would like to thank everyone who became a part of our 2015! You made this year exceptionally kawaii and we hope to see you more this coming 2016!

Have a happy new year everyone! ^_^

Article written by Micaela Cruz

Photos arranged by Kaye Romero