Fashion Staple: White Sneaks

Do you ever wonder why you want to have a pair of white sneakers even if it is hella high maintenance? It is because white shoes are so flexible you can match it with anything or we should say everything! Here we share to you our top 5 white sneaks that we are totally crushing on!

1. Adidas Stan Smith


This pair of classic trainers is a must-have. Why? Because for sure your mom/dad had one before. It’s like the father of all white sneaks.

2. Adidas Superstar


Of course aside from the classic Stan Smith, the mighty superstar is also on this list because generations after generations are rocking a pair!

3. Keds


Champions are love, period

4. Primadonna Slip-ons


Channel your model-off-duty OOTD with a pair of all white slip-ons. They also have it in thick soled!

5.  Converse


High or low, we love ’em both!


Here are some OOTD-inspos that you can check on how will you sport a pair of white sneaks!

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