Hodge Podge: Your One-stop Shop for Bottle Cap Accessories

Back when we were kids (Speaking on behalf of those who were born in the 80’s or 90’s. We hope we don’t sound too old!), remember the days when we thought bottle caps or tansans as we call it were pretty cool things? We would collect those bottle caps and play with them by stacking them high or even create holes at the middle and connecting them using some metal string to create our own tambourine? Ah, how nostalgic! It’s amazing how we find enjoyment in that small piece of metal before. Now that we’ve grown up, the fascination over bottle caps have long been forgotten. But not for Gel Rodriguez who came up with an innovative way to make bottle caps more fun, quirky and interesting and turn it into a business called Hodge Podge!


Hodge Podge is an online shop that offers a collection of charms and accessories made of bottle caps. Some of their accessories include key chains, necklaces, magnets and bookmarks. With their wide array of trinkets and accessories, you’ll be amazed by how far a simple bottle cap can go. No doubt, Hodge Podge is your one-stop shop for bottle cap accessories! Coming up with a bottle cap business idea for our good friend Gel was deeply rooted from her childhood experience, she shares “Ever since I was a kid, I was very much into the whole buy-and-sell idea, buying stationeries bought from the school bookstore and selling it to my classmates (haha). I’ve tried various types of buy-and-sell businesses – all involving anything and everything kawaii from stationeries and other novelty items – but eventually, I longed for something to call my own thus the creation of Hodge Podge. The whole concept reminded me of Coca-Cola bottle caps back when they had special prizes indicated at the bottom of each cap.” “’Hodge Podge’ basically means ‘a mixture of different things’ but with Hodge Podge bottle cap accessories, it focuses on cute and quirky designs” explains Gel.

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As great entrepreneur, the power headmaster behind Hodge Podge always makes sure that they stay current with popular culture by releasing trendy designs. Many of their kawaii designs were illustrated by the amazing Chichi Romero also known as Little Ms. Paintbrush and Kawaii Philippines’ illustrator! “Chichi’s / Little Miss Paintbrush’s collaboration has been and will continue to be a significant part of Hodge Podge. She is a very talented artist and her art truly fits how I envisioned Hodge Podge’s designs,” says Gel. Not too long ago, they also released a collection with Abbey Sy’s designs.

Hodge Podge’s designs are art in a bottle cap! They’re a special kind of bottle cap that’s definitely worth keeping. ; ) What’s unique and great about Hodge Podge is that not only do you have a wide variety of designs and 10 bottle cap colors to choose from, you can also customize your own design! The awesomeness doesn’t end just there. If you provide the image, customization is free of charge! They also accept bulk orders without minimum order required. With prices ranging only from 70-120 pesos, it would be difficult to buy just one item from them. They sure know how to please their customers that’s why it is no surprise that that they have already gained a massive following. With passion comes great responsibility. Gel further shares about her life and Hodge Podge.


Hodge Podge Bracelet


Hodge Podge Ball Point Pens


Hodge Podge Necklace

How do you manage to juggle your real work with your cute business (Hodge Podge)?

A lot of people say that to be able to juggle a lot of things in your life, you have to master the art of time management. I personally live by this concept, but to be able to have that certain drive to keep doing what you’re doing, one must be able to attain a certain level of passion and commitment as well. It’s definitely not a walk in the park and a lot of sacrifices have to be made but I feel that if you set certain goals for yourself (or your business), that can easily motivate you to do whatever it takes to succeed.

What kawaii product(s) do you recommend the most? Which is your personal favorite (bookmark/necklace/etc.)?


The keychains are one of Hodge Podge’s bestsellers because not only can it serve as a keychain but as a bag tag as well. It’s also my personal favorite because it’s one of the first accessories we launched in Hodge Podge (along with necklaces, magnets and cellphone accessories – yes, we initially started out with only 4 available types of accessories!).

What should we expect from Hodge Podge this 2014?

Aside from more possible collaborations with other brands and numerous events that we’ll be part of, new types of bottle cap accessories will be launched this 2014!

Lastly, when asked about what kawaii is for her, Gel answers, “Anything that can make me smile, make my eyes twinkle and bring out the kid in me!” Coincidentally, that’s exactly how we feel about Hodge Podge! We are grateful to Hodge Podge for spreading the kawaii love one bottle cap at a time.

And also we have a word from the Hodge Podge master, Gel.



You can find out more about Hodge Podge and their product offerings at these sites:
Facebook , Instagram – @heyhodgepodge