Worldwide Kawaii Campaign: A Success!

People generally have different understanding, interpretation and opinion on a lot of things. Kawaii used to be just a simple word to describe anything cute or pretty, but that is not the case in this generation.

Kawaii has been modified from a word, to a lifestyle…!  (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Girls (and even boys!) all over the world do not only support this, they even live it.

Which is why the Kawaii PH team decided to start a “Kawaii Campaign” where we encourage girls and boys of all ages to create an artwork of their own defining the meaning of “Kawaii” and how it affects their lifestyle~

The team created a poster and a video to capture the attention of all Kawaii enthusiasts to participate and be part of a new revolution!

kawaii poster-01

Kawaii.PH made the rules simple and easy to follow so that even fans from around the world can submit their works as well! And what made us happy is that we got a ton of entries! Not just from the Philippines, but also from the other kawaii half of the world!


We received artworks from Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Usa, Spain and more! These pictures are just some of the international entries we received! Of course, if we received entries from outside of the national waters, we also got a lot of submissions from the Philippines as well!


And again, these are only a few of the many entries we received! There were different meanings, art styles, emotions, and of course a lot of the kawaii girls! Some had simple kawaii entries, and some had the kawaii overload into their works, but one thing that you will notice with all the entries.. is that kawaii has taken over their life in a positive and encouraging way. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ


We are all very happy and touched that Kawaii has become something so infectious that whenever people see or hear it, it always makes them smile and realize that there is always something beautiful in their lives.

Since we received a lot of entries, we decided to create a video and introduce all the entries one by one so that everyone can really appreciate each other’s works and even their own.. who knows, these entries may inspire more people to live the kawaii lifestyle! (★^O^★)


Video by Micaela Cruz

May these kawaii entries be an inspiration to many.. and may the kawaii force be with you!


Thank you to everyone who joined! Until the next campaign!


Congratulations to Claudita, Asmitha, Emily, Farhana, and Laura for the noteworthy campaign entries! <3

\(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/