Purikura PH Campaign Entries

Recently, Kawaii Philippines had a mini campaign entitled Purikura PH! We recently posted an article about the Top 5 Purikura Apps We Love and gave each app a review, and a basic explanation on the features that they have.

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Here’s a sample of a purikura edit Mica made~

It’s every kawaii girl’s dream to take photos at a purikura booth, but sadly, here in the Philippines, there’s little to no purikura photo booth at all. And if there is, it’s actually quite difficult to locate or find the good ones! That’s why some settle for phone applications that help them edit their photos to achieve that kawaii look of a purikura picture!

In most cases, when we try to search for “purikura apps” on our app store or play store, hundreds of results come up and usually, the ones you download include cute stickers, photo enhancement filters and girly borders… but you don’t really get the “Purikura” effect you’re after! To help the kawaii girls (and boys) out there with this frustrating predicament, I have laid out the top 5 purikura apps (in my opinion of course, and these are what I personally use as well) that are available for download!

These applications do not only have kawaii stickers and borders, but also have the ability to add the purikura eye effect, the “motion” or continuous stickers, bright filters, and edit the background!

To read more and to see the whole list with all the details of the Purikura App, just visit our website or click this link!

With this article, we decided to hold a mini campaign where anyone is free to join in and they can tag or use the hashtag #PurikuraPH so that we can see the pictures they purikura-fied with the apps!
And now, we will be featuring some of the Kawaii entries we got from our Kawaii supporters who “purikura-fied” their photos with the suggested apps and made their photos super kawaii!

Here are the Purikura-fied kawaii photos!

Aren’t they all super cute? Some of them used Girl’s Camera, some used Qtiie.JP app, and everyone seemed to enjoy using the apps we suggested and yeahhh~ they are all Kawaii!

Kawaii PH supporter Wynona (VanillaFairy) also used one of these apps!

She’s wearing the new Princess collection by none other than Dolly Kaye (Kaye Romero!)

She’s super duper cute and the app she used is Qtiie.JP and she uses it perfectly!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this mini campaign!

We will be holding more of these campaigns in the coming months~ so please look forward to these!