Anz Falcon, The Kawaii Sailor SuperMom

When it comes to the love and appreciation for the kawaii culture, there is no such thing as limitations or requirements. Kawaii things are for everyone who finds them fascinating. They are not only for the young but for the young at heart too!

Living a kawaii lifestyle is really up to a person. As times and preferences change, some may have outgrown it while others continue to make it a part their lives and one of them is Anz Falcon. Anz Falcon proves that living the kawaii lifestyle is not just a short phase in life.

Anz Falcon is a superwoman who takes on various roles in her daily life. Her job includes being a commercial model, lifestyle magazine columnist and the most difficult yet fulfilling job of all – a mom to her kawaii 5-year old daughter Soleil. You can say that she is one Kawaii SuperMom! Her love for cute things and Japanese pop culture was influenced by her interest in anime, particularly the anime Sailor Moon (1992) which she still continues to be a big fan of today. As seen on her blog and Instagram, she loves to collect Sailor Moon merchandise. And because it’s Sailor Moon, you can expect that the items you will see in her vast collection are all so kawaii! Not only does she share all the random cute things she loves in her blog, she also likes to blog and upload videos/tutorials on Youtube about beauty and lifestyle.

Anz Falcon shares with us her love for the kawaii and Japanese pop culture and how it opened up many opportunities for her.


Meet the Kawaii SuperMom!


I’m Anz Falcon, born in Manila but grew up in the province of Rizal, Philippines but now based in Los Angeles California. I’m a Bachelor in Nursing graduate, blogger, Youtuber, commercial model, a lifestyle magazine columnist and a proud single Mom to Soleil. During my childhood years in the late 80s and early 90s, I grew up watching and collecting Sailor Moon and other animes dubbed in my country. Which sparked my interest early in Japanese pop culture, music, food, toys and fashion. I started blogging around late 2009(after I had Soleil), about beauty and lifestyle featuring looks and designs inspired by my favorite Japanese models and magazines; which led to doing make up and nail tutorial on Youtube. From reviewing beauty products and clothes for online shops, I would never even imagine in my wildest dream that I will get offered to model for a TV commercial, print ads, local designers, be on a cover and get my own page in a Japanese-American lifestyle magazine JPy and also commercial model for other Japanese companies. (Esnails, Round 1 Arcade, Tamagotchi Life, Kapibarasan, Canmake Tokyo, Cheero, Kracie Ichikami and more) Soleil is the reason why I do my best and I won’t be here if it wasn’t of her.

Anz talks about maintaining the “kawaii girl” image and being a “kawaii mom” just like Tsubasa Masuwaka, the gyaru-mama.

anz2Aww… I love Tsubasa Masuwaka! It has been my lifestyle ever since and it would had been hard for me to just brush it off aside. I’m a firm believer of the saying “How can you love someone else? If you don’t love yourself.” Taking good care of yourself not only physically, but emotionally, intellectually and spiritually is very therapeutic for you and your love ones. I always encourage everyone to always seek improvement in every aspect of their life. In fact simple things like changing the color of your nails, having your hair trimmed, or just buying new clothes that you love relieves a lot of stress especially for us moms. So for the other Moms out there always remember you deserve a quality time to for yourself! <3


Anz’s Moonie Madness

Sailor Moon is deeply special to my heart, it was the very first anime I watched back in 1995 and I was literally hooked! I would sing to its opening song, close my eyes and twirl in front of the electric fan when she transforms and memorize by heart all her attacks every time it’s on TV. I started collecting 19 years ago, when I received my first complete set of inner senshi dolls for Christmas when I was 6 years old and proud to say, I still have at least 2 of them! (Usagi and Sailor Moon which is my favorite character and I mainly collect up to now.)

Her Most Prized Possession

anz4If I had to choose one, it has to be my 22 years old 1992 Japan released Sailor Moon Carriage. (It’s the main big musical carriage) It was given to me by my boss who worked at Bandai for 13 years. He kept it for a very long time and it was mint brand new in a box and all sealed when he gave it to me. It’s very rare and unique! When you crank it with Chibi Moon’s time key, it plays the “Princess Melodies song/ Star Locket song” while the mechanics make the carriage move. Another cool thing is you can twist the crystal on top of the carriage so when you put Endymion and Princess Serenity inside, as the music play they look like they are romantically dancing with each other.

Ako ang magandang tagapagtanggol ng pag-ibig at katarungan!
(If you were a Sailor Scout, who will you be or what would you be called?)

If were to be an additional sailor scout, I will be “Sailor Cancri e”. (In Japanese accent HAHA) “55 Cancri e” is a super-Earth made out of diamonds! So I am thinking my seifuku is possible a silver and sparkly hologram skirt, ribbon and lining, paired with the white spandex! (HAHA yes, very 90s)

The Cosmos has always been a fascinating and weird obsession of mine and I share what I learn to my daughter at a young age. Imagine a 5 year old talking about space and planets, that’s my daughter.



What’s “kawaii” for Anz?

For me, Kawaii is word to describe something or someone even a gesture that tickles you inside and instanly makes you smile and giggle! Right? Anything Cute, pretty, fun and something you highly coveted makes you feel that way! Majide Kawaii desu ne! LOL

Favorite DIY Creation

(P.S. We love the Rilakkuma drawer ^^)


I have a lot of favorite DIY items but my top favorites would be my Rilakkuma drawer, Sailor Crystal star I made using clay and the Rilakkuma ear and face mask I wore at an event!


2014 Goals

My personal goal this year is to prepare myself for my board exams and finalize this brand that I’ve been meaning to push through. Other than that I’ll be at the Licensing Expo 2014 with Bandai’s Tamagotchi LIFE and at Anime Expo 2014 with a fun new company launching in Los Angeles.



Find out more about Anz Falcon:
Blog, Youtube
Instagram: @anzfalcon

Credits: Photos from Anz Falcon

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