A Worldwide Kawaii Campaign: Changing The World With Cuteness

We are inviting all kawaii girls / fans around the world to participate in our worldwide kawaii campaign! Here in the Kawaii Philippines community, we believe that “kawaii” isn’t just an expression nor a trend. It is a lifestyle – an appreciation for all things cute and also a way of looking at the world in a positive light. Moreover, it can also become a powerful medium to make a positive difference here in the world. Through kawaii, we can spread this cheerful virus to make others happy!

kawaii poster-01

This coming September 2014, Philippines will experience its first Kawaii Convention – Kawaii in Manila 2! Even though this project jumpstarted locally, Kawaii in Manila 2 is garnering support from overseas too! As much as possible, we want to include everyone who shares the same vision to be part of our “dream” (and soon-to-be reality) convention!

Many thanks to Tokyo-based Filipino bloggers (Ashley, Emika, and Gervin) & TokyoFashion.com Vlogger Elleanor, Kawaii.PH team (with Kawaii.PH bloggers Mich and Satchi) was able to produce a short & fun video about what kawaii means to each of them. The team wanted to invite more people to be part of the video but we figured that this idea can be a campaign instead! A worldwide campaign that is open for everyone, whether you are a Filipino or not.. just as long as you love and appreciate kawaii culture!


Kawaii, for me, is a powerful movement. It started as a word to refer something as cute, pretty or pleasing to the eyes. Recent events proved me there’s more to that, kawaii could also be a way of saying “what a dream”, “happiness” and “friendship.”

Ashley Dy (Kawaii in Manila 2 Ambassadress)



Don’t we all agree? Kawaii is indeed anything that can make you smile! ^_^


Let the world know what kawaii means to you!

  • Create a poster using an A4 / letter-size paper and answer the question- “What does Kawaii mean to you?
  • Take a photo with/of  your poster and send it to hello@kawaii.ph with the following example format:
    • Subject: [Kawaii Poster] – Name – Country
    • Content:
      • Name: Kaye Romero
      • Country: Philippines
      • Attached file / image should be at least 1200 pixels (width)
  • You can give support by sharing the convention poster through social media (please use hashtag #kawaiiinmanila2 if applicable).
  • Please feel free to post your artwork / poster in a form of an instagram update or a blog entry! That will be of big help for us!

Entries will be printed out and showcased during the event / convention day. Deadline of entry submission is until August 31, 2014 (11:59 PM PH time). We will give special prizes (to be announced on September 1) to participants who will submit remarkable entries! ^_^

We shall be waiting for your kawaii posters then! (★^O^★)