10 Pinay Kawaii Girls On Instagram To Follow

The world of Instagram is very broad and there is this side where we all love the colorful and cute space of Instagram. From #OOTD to #POTD to #KAWAII we suggest that you check and follow these Pinay Kawaii Girls on Instagram and see what “kawaii girls” are into.


Tricia Gosingtian a.k.a. tgosingtian
Of fashion, photography, tutorials and travel


Kaila Ocampo a.k.a. Rainbowholic
Kawaii Leader + Kawaii Empowerment + Kawaii World

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Chichi Romero a.k.a. Little Miss Paintbrush a.k.a ChichiLittle
The KAWAII illustrator and the queen of Whimsicute.


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Ashley Dy a.k.a. Candy Kawaii Lover
Experience the slice of Japan thru Ashley’s beautiful photos of the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Jenny a.k.a. She Loves Dresses
If you’re into vintage fashion you definitely check out this Vintage Princess Instagram account with full of Girl Power!


A photo posted by Jenny (@shelovesdresses) on


Chai Mungcal a.k.a. Oh My Little Girl
Makeup, girly to Aomoji-kei #OOTDs and cats


Reese Lansangan a.k.a. ReeseyPeasy
Fashion designer + Graphic Artist + Musician + Everything Nice

A photo posted by Reese Lansangan (@reeseypeasy) on


Naomi Paguio a.k.a. Naomeoww
Super adorable Kawaii Girl living the kawaii lifestyle

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Gia Canta a.k.a. Taco-Chan a.k.a TacocatBackwardsIsTacocat
The girl who went out straight from the Manga and Anime -slash- KawaiiPH Ambassadress


Justine Chantelle a.k.a. Dorotee Sweetlips a.k.a. justine_chantelle
Fashion Designer, Lolita Mama and Lover



Hope you like our list! If you know a kawaii girl on Instagram too, please do let us know by commenting her username below!

Curated by Anne