The Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio

A lot of people who are into the kawaii culture would always have this question in their minds: “why are there no cute cafes here in Manila that are just as cute as the cafes in Japan?” Well, here we are to introduce to you one of the cutest cafes you’ll ever step into right here in the Philippines: The Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio! Most of you might already know where or what this is because this is where all the workshops for School of Kawaii 2015 were held!


Once you step in, the ambiance will totally captivate you! Adorable lighting fixtures, cute star-lit (literally) ceiling, dangerously tempting desserts, and fabulous cakes that all fit into one space for your enjoyment!


Their desserts are a must try for everyone!




Not only are their cupcakes extremely cute, but they’re extremely delicious as well! We highly recommend you try out the Royal Blush cupcake. It’s a mix of a red velvet, and hazelnut flavor–a combination that is to die for!




Aside from cute cupcakes, bunny macarons and yummy ice cream, they also have rice meals and sandwich combos for both kids and adults!




The beef tapa is scrumptious! But of course, for people who would like to enjoy a cafe experience, they also serve coffee, lattes, tea, and the like. And, you guessed it! Their drinks are also as cute as their meals and desserts! Even their coffee drinks are kawaii-fied!


Overall, the place is very accommodating, peaceful, and cute! Whether for a celebratory event such as your birthday, a graduation, a simple get together, or family bonding, or even for toned-down activities, such as simply wanting a place to relax in while reading a book, or a place to do your homework, the Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio can work flexibly into becoming your next cozy place, or even your next venue for a simple celebration.

Address: Unit 301, Hemady Square, Dona Hemady cor. E. Rodriguez Sr.
Contact Number: (02) 650 4153

Photos by: Francis Clemente, Armaine Yapyuco, and Ashley Dy

Written by: Micaela Cruz, and Armaine Yapyuco