Sweet Leaf Bubble Tea Café: A Sweet Escape for Kagay-anons

If you think that creative and cute cafés don’t exist outside the metro, let Sweet Leaf Bubble Tea Café prove you wrong. Milk teas have been well-received by Filipinos and are definitely here to stay. Now, other parts of the country have picked up the love for tea as well! (。◝‿◜。)

Wall Art

Sweet Leaf offers hand-crafted, authentic Taiwanese beverages.

Infused daily, their tea leaves are selected and imported from only the best growers in Taiwan and their drinks are prepared by hand to ensure that every cup is perfected, and served in authentic Taiwanese tradition.

Sweet Leaf Set Up for 2013

Located at the heart of Cagayan De Oro in Misamis Oriental, Sweet Leaf is home to Kagay-anons who want to take a sweet escape. Their and cozy interiors will make any customer feel relaxed and at home.


You can also take Instagram-worthy photos when you’re in here because everything is just picture perfect! This is also one of the best hangout places for all the kawaii enthusiasts in Cagayan De Oro.

Dining Area

Sweet Leaf is the brainchild of Aldrian Villegas, and Geli Paras, both born and raised in Cagayan de Oro. When they moved to Manila for college, they spent most of their time, frequenting hole in the wall cafes in Manila, trying out different kinds of coffee, tea, and pastries, while studying for their respective exams and working on school projects. Aldrian and Geli have always seen themselves growing up as entrepreneurs and their love for coffee, tea and pastries only fueled their desire to put up their own café.


In 2010, when the milk tea industry and craze started picking up in Manila, they found this as an opportunity to make their milk tea café dream come true. Both brainstormed and researched as they were determined to share their milk tea experience to their hometown – to their fellow Kagay-anons. However, they weren’t successful at first in finding an available and strategic location to build their dream café. This predicament did not discourage Aldrian and Geli, but after much thought and discussion, they decided to tuck away that dream temporarily until an opportunity rises.


In 2012, when both were done with college, an opportunity arose at the right place and at the right time. A small space was up for rent in one of the city most strategic locations, LimKetKai Center. Aldrian and Geli, grabbed it instantly and picked up from where they left off. They started researching, training and experimenting to make sure that their dream café would be perfect. By July 2012, they opened up their first branch – Sweet Leaf Limketkai. It came as a surprise that their milk teas became in demand as students and adults have come flocking to their café. It also touched their hearts as they have received such great feedback from their customers.

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Come 2013, they have expanded and Sweet Leaf now has 2 more branches located in DVsoria and the Lifestyle District respectively. Aldrian and Geli still can’t believe that they are now living their dream of owning and managing tea cafés that are adored by many. With God’s will, they are looking into expanding in the nearby cities next year.

Sweet Leaf Pabayo in DVsoria

Dining Area 3  Lounge Area 2 Counter

Sweet Leaf in the Lifestyle District

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 A Sweet Dream

Sweet Leaf

According to both Aldrian and Geli,

Dreams do come true; that’s what we always say. If you want something so bad, the universe will conspire for you to get it, but it will involve a lot of hardwork, time and sacrifice. Life doesn’t wait, so you have to make it happen.


Visit Sweet Leaf Bubble Tea Café’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sweetleafcdo.


Let us know about your Sweet Leaf experience! What would you like to try out from their drinks?