A Visit to Chapters Book Cafe (Contribution by Nadine)

Once Upon a Time, a young girl traveling far away from her hometown suddenly came upon a small, quaint, and cute cafe. That cafe was a cafe of her dreams, it was magical and reminded her of a fairytale. The name of that cafe was Chapters Book Cafe.


Chapters Book Cafe is a cafe located in Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte. I never expected to find any cafes like this in the Philippines. It’s not unusual to dine in one of these themed cafes in Japan, so I was pleasantly surprised to find there are kawaii themed cafes here too!

The entrance of the cafe. Just standing from the outside, you can already tell you’re about to enter a fairytale. There are actually two entrances, and two areas respectively. One is Alice in Wonderland themed and the other The Little Prince. Since I am a HUGE Alice fan, I didn’t even think twice in choosing to sit in the Alice in Wonderland area.


Once inside, you’ll discover one of the cutest interiors. Everything seems chaotic, whimsical, and a bit all over the place, but hey that’s what Alice in Wonderland is all about. My favourite details are all the upside down objects on the ceiling, especially the upside down cups of tea, and the books.


Why a good day to you Alice! There are cute paintings all over the walls of the cafe. I just loved this Alice one, made me feel that I was really being transported to Wonderland.


Look up and you’ll find upside down chairs and tables.


A little closer look at the upside down table and you can find the Eat Me and Drink Me displays. Definitely love the cute little details in the cafe.


There’s a counter where you can order your drinks and some treats. My family and I got some coffee and a chocolate cake.


They even had a little grocery shop beside the counter, you know just in case you have the midnight munchies, you may want to stock up on snacks.


I ordered myself a nice cappuccino while my sister got some milk tea. The little cookies came with the coffee.


I really liked their custom pottery mug. I just might take up pottery as a new hobby now.

This cafe is also a great place to chill, hang out with friends, and unwind with a good book. Reading is n problem here since you can borrow from their selection of books.


I found you Mr. Cheshire Cat!



My favorite line from the book. I found it painted on the ceiling and just knew I had to have a picture of it. Credits to my sister who had a hard time taking a photo of the ceiling because I have zero photography skills to pull that one off.


As we were almost done eating, my sister and I headed to The Little Prince area right beside the Alice in Wonderland themed room. My favorite part is definitely all those books hanging on the ceiling.

chapters-littleprince wall

A zoomed in version of the wall art. On a side note, who else is excited for The Little Prince movie? I know I sure am!


On the Little Prince side, there is a little store selling all kinds of trinkets


You can buy some stationery items as well.


More books to read! This cafe is definitely embodying their storybook theme.


If you find yourself in the neighbourhood, I highly suggest checking this cafe out. Once you enter through those doors, be ready to find yourself transported inside a storybook.

Chapters: A Book Cafe

Sunset Boulevard

Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte

Article contribution by Nadine of Daydreaming Alice