Banzai: Taking Authentic Japanese Buffet to a Whole New Level

With Japan’s efforts on tourism and opening up to the world, more and more Filipinos have come to appreciate the Japanese culture. Becoming one of our top tourist destinations, Japan has captured our hearts through fashion, beauty, music, anime, J-dramas and most importantly (and perhaps the biggest market), food!

In the recent years, the craze over Japanese food has become apparent as ramen joints and katsu restaurants have become a favorite of many Filipinos and got them all lined up. The love for Japanese food just continues to grow. And here to intensify our desire, the group behind Filipino favorites Sumo Sam and John and Yoko is taking the Japanese cuisine to a whole caliber by opening Banzai: The Great Authentic Japanese Buffet, the biggest all-unlimited, all-authentic Japanese buffet in the country!

Photo from Banzai's official Facebook

Photo from Banzai’s official Facebook


We are not exaggerating when we said that this is the biggest. Established last February 2014, the restaurant has a seating capacity of 500 and offers a wide range of authentic Japanese food including teppanyaki, tempura, ramen, sushi and sashimi, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, katsudon, gyudon, soba, steak, salmon, and many more. For those craving for a variety Japanese food, this is the place to be. ^_^


Upon entering, we were welcomed by Banzai’s beautiful interior that is a sight to behold. They really did a good job in making us feel that we’re in Japan because the design and the elements in the restaurant represent and are unique to Japan such as the red and white paper lanterns and mini sakura trees. What makes the ambiance more unique is that the dining areas have different themes from traditional Japan to modern.

The Sumo Dining Area - Wide space and big seats reminiscent of the Japanese wrestlers.

The Sumo Dining Area – Wide space and big seats reminiscent of the Japanese wrestlers.

Dotonbori – See the Glico Man? They did such a great job in replicating the famous signs in Osaka!

Dotonbori – See the Glico Man? They did such a great job in replicating the famous signs in Osaka!

Modern Japan Dining Area – Minimalistic aesthetic which Japan Is known for.

Modern Japan Dining Area – Minimalistic aesthetic which Japan Is known for.


Everything seems organized as the food are divided per sections. At the center is the teppanyaki kitchen station and right beside it is the salad and dessert bar. The stations for tempura and tonkatsu, takoyaki, ramen, sushi and sashimi, yakitori etc. are situated at the sides.



Because of the huge variety of choices, one gets to experience the many tastes of Japan. From sushi to ramen to even pizza, Banzai offers authentic quality Japanese cuisine that’s definitely a feast for the tummy.

Banzai’s authenticity comes from being headed by 3 Japanese chefs who are renowned for their expertise in specific Japanese cuisines.


Chef Hiroshi Ishikawa , who has been in the restaurant business both here in the country and in the land of the rising sun for over 40 years. After working for over 20 years in Japan Chef Ishikawa moved to the Philippines where he started a career.



Expert sushi Chef Norimasa Masuda is the top guy at Banzai’s sushi counter. Chef Masuda has been working as a sushi chef here in the Philippines for 12 years.



Meanwhile, in charge of the ramen station is Chef Kimwori Iwabuchi. Chef Iwa, as he is fondly called, has had 19 years of experience in the food business both here and in Japan.






Assorted Sushi


Seriously, these pictures will make you drool and crave for Japanese food! *u*


When we said that Banzai is taking the authentic Japanese buffet experience to a whole new level, it’s not just because of its beautiful interiors and delicious food, but also because they also offer a unique form of entertainment. One of their unique features is the Trick Art Gallery where they feature paintings of Japanese scenes such as sumo wrestling and a day at the market. Wigs and costumes are provided so it’s definitely a great place to take photos with your family and friends.

Trick Art Gallery

Trick Art Gallery


When you come in on weekends, you’re in for a treat as Banzai presents “A Festival of Japan.” – a spectacular dance parade showcasing a glimpse of the four iconic characters in Japanese culture culled from different periods in Japanese history. Expect to see lots of music and dancing featuring archetypes of Japanese culture such as as shoguns, samurais, geishas and maikos.




Teppanyaki Show

Teppanyaki Show


With imported ingredients prepared and cooked the real Japanese way and served in the ambience of Japan together with various forms of Japanese entertainment, Banzai: The Great Authentic Japanese Buffet will surely take you to the Land of the Rising Sun!


Banzai: The Great Authentic Japanese Buffet
Bldg J, SM MOA by the Bay, Pasay City
Call 0916-3775357; 0999-4713597; (02)552-7368 for inquiries and reservations.
Twitter & Instagram @Banzai_PH