Welcome to Area Harajuku!

The Kawaii PH team has finally opened its doors to a new opportunity and we welcome it with open arms! The brands that are under the Kawaii PH store which are Whimsicute, Dolly Kaye, Mad Tee Party, and Rainbowholic! Before, the platform would only serve to online shoppers based in the Philippines. But now, we finally have a sturdy shelf and a long pole to display our products and be purchased by people live!

The handmade kawaii products by the Kawaii PH store is now a part of Area Harajuku!



The products are neatly arranged and displayed in the stores where interested buyers or frequent window shoppers would easily spot! Currently, Kawaii PH team leader Kaila and Kawaii PH contributor Satchi are part-timers in Area Harajuku!






Photo from @area_harajuku Shop Staff, Jusnan-san!



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Of course there are other brands/items in the store which are also to die for! The shop itself has this vintage-y feeling which is perfectly blending with the magical/kawaii feeling that our products have and adds this adorable dainty ambiance of the store!

This is a huge step for the team and another dream accomplished! More and more people will get to know the positivity that the team aims to bring and share throughout the country and hopefully all over the world by putting love and our best work in making these items!

When you’re in Tokyo, please do drop by and say hi!

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AREA Harajuku (#エリア原宿) is located at the 6th floor of Harajuku Ash building (just beside Takeshita Dori banner / in front of JR Harajuku Station Takeshita Exit). For more info, please check and follow www.instagram.com/area_harajuku

6th floor, Harajuku Ash building, 1-19-11, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 105-001〒
〒105-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-19-11はらじゅくアッシュビル6F

Written by Micaela Cruz

Photos by Kaila Ocampo & Kaye Romero