Lucy Pop: Kawaii School Uniforms for Kawaii Girls

If you love J-dramas, anime, manga and video games, then you might know the answer to this question –

What do you think is the most commonly worn attire by middle or high school students/characters?

If your mind is now filled with images of pleated skirts, knee-high socks, and cute bows or ties, then we are both thinking of the same thing – school uniforms! Japanese school uniforms or seifuku have become an iconic symbol of Japan and we foreigners have grown accustomed to this image due to the J-dramas and anime that we watch, manga that we read and video games that we play. At the same time, as you immerse yourself in Japanese high school-themed stories, don’t you just dream of experiencing high in school in Japan where you can help organize school festivals and watch senpai from afar and wish for him to notice you? Okay, maybe we watch too much Japanese shows and both seem unlikely to happen to some of us, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have your own “legitseifuku?


Luckily, Lucy Pop, a Japanese brand under Hibiki Inc. that is known for designing and manufacturing cute, quality, and fashionable school girl-themed uniforms, is now available in the Philippines through Big in Japan PH!



Lucy Pop is all about kawaii school girl uniforms, and the brand wants to address the needs of teenagers who love fashion by creating something that is a “little bit different from everybody else.” Lucy Pop hopes to show kawaii girls the world of cute, fun, and cool.


School uniforms are now part of the kawaii culture and this is why Lucy Pop’s kawaii scrunchies, bows, ties and bags are perfect accessories for injecting cuteness to your uniform when you go out with your friends. Because of the growing demand of seifuku, Lucy Pop is trying to expand overseas to satisfy the desire of kawaii girls to have their own kawaii school uniforms.

Lucy Pop Ribbon, photo courtesy of Lucy Pop

Lucy Pop Ribbon, photo courtesy of Lucy Pop Japan Facebook

Lucy Pop Ribbon, photo courtesy of Lucy Pop

Lucy Pop Ribbon, photo courtesy of Lucy Pop Japan Facebook

Photo courtesy of Lucy Pop

Lucy Pop Nylon Bag, photo courtesy of Lucy Pop Japan Facebook

Last February 2, Kawaii Philippines joined the Lucy Pop meet up at the Big in Japan booth in Power Plant Mall where we met Miss Yukie Akiyama and Mr. Futoshi Kamiyama, the Founder and CEO of Hibiki Inc. They were very nice and friendly. They even gave us free Lucy Pop stickers!

lucypop japan

Photo courtesy of Lucy Pop Japan

The next day, we were very fortunate to have been invited once again by the very nice and friendly people behind Lucy Pop to check out more of their products in their concept room.


With their wide selection of uniform colors, patterns and design, you will surely find one that will suit your mood and style.


Bow ties and scrunchies a.k.a. ShuShu


More colorful bow ties



Some of us may have already graduated from school but our school spirit will always be deeply rooted in hearts and never fade. No matter what age you are, Lucy Pop will remind you of the pleasant feeling of being a school girl again.


Tops and skirts




With Miss Yukie Akiyama and Mr. Futoshi Kamiyama


With Justine Chantelle of Dorotee Sweetlips


Anne Kate modeling their collection.

Their cute checkered skirts can also be paired with casual tops. They  can add oomph to your basic clothes. With your creativity and love for fashion, you can use them in many ways you can imagine!

photos courtesy of Lucy Pop Japan

photo courtesy of Lucy Pop Japan Facebook

If you love the famous Japanese girl group AKB48, you’d be glad to know that AKB48 wears their products too!

Thanks to Lucy Pop, Japanese school uniforms have become accessible to foreigners like us who dream of wearing one. Finally, we can now transform ourselves into a fully-fledged kawaii school girl!

Visit Lucy Pop’s Facebook page and website for more information and to see entire collection.

Lucy Pop
Products are exclusively available in Big in Japan,
Bridgeway R3, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City

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  • Shinji Lee

    where is their shop now? i went to their shop in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City but their is none.