Kawaii Bow Tutorial

A bow is a popular accessory worn by kawaii lovers to make their whole look cuter and more eye-catching. And we, at Kawaii Philippines, are madly in love with bows! If you have noticed, even Kawaii Girl wears one! ^_^

Bows are so pretty to look at, can make a statement, and can go with any style may it be Lolita, Fairy or Decora fashion. Plus, they will never go out of style. Aside from hair accessories, bows can also be used as brooches, necklaces and other accessories that you can think of.

And because we have this unwavering addiction to bows, we’re spreading the bow love by sharing with you how to create our signature Kawaii Bow! Here are 9 easy steps for you to follow.

Materials you will need:


  • Red Polka Dot Cloth
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Red Thread
  • Polyester Stuffing

Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of 7x7in fabric.



Step 2: Turn the fabric squares back to back. Make sure that the front part of the fabric squares are facing each other.


Step 3: Sew all the sides of the fabric and when you’re done, cut a small part in the middle of the fabric.


Step 4: Turn the fabric inside out using the opening in the middle that you previously cut.


Step 5: Now that you’ve finished turning the fabric on its right side, insert the polyester stuffing inside your bow.


Step 6: When you finish inserting all the stuffing that you want, it will look like this.


Step 7: Sew the opening in the middle of the bow so that the stuffing will be sealed inside.


Step 8: Now cut a part of the fabric with a measurement of 2 inches in width, and 5 inches in length.
Then, sew the sides of the fabric but leave an opening on the top and bottom so that you can turn the fabric inside out as seen on the photo below.


Step 9: Wrap and tighten the small fabric onto the stuffed fabric to form a bow. Sew the ends of the small fabric to lock your bow.



Ta-da! Now you have your own Kawaii Bow!

Kawaii Bow Tutorial final

Kawaii Bow Tutorial actual sample

Don’t be limited with just one fabric. Use your creativity and create different designs by decorating your bow with lace or beads!

We would love to see what you’ve done! Feel free to send us a picture of your work via private message on our Facebook page or via email at hello@kawaii.ph.