I Am Kawaii Girl – A Kawaii.Ph/Looks Photobook Special

KAWAII.PH/LOOKS special photobook with Kawaii PH Ambassadress – GIA CANTA on the spotlight. In this photobook Gia defines to us what does Kawaii Girl mean to her.

Fast facts about Gia:

  1. She’s a Kawaii PH Ambassadress
  2. She hardly can’t whistle or ride the bike
  3. She has an amazing sense of direction from playing so many RPGs over the years. People always look at her when they need to get out of a labyrinthine tiangge.
  4. She eats little to nothing when she eats with someone she just met. The more she eats with someone, the more comfortable she is around them!


Art Direction, Photography, and Makeup By
Anne Kate Piñero – www.annekatepinero.com | www.anne.kawaii.ph

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