Tamashii Convention 2015: A Japanese Culture Convention in Manila

MANILA, Philippines – De La Salle University’s Japanese Studies organization, Nihon Kenkyuu Kai, has announced the 3rd installment of Tamashii Convention, its Japanese Culture convention, and is now undergoing planning.

DLSU – Nihon Kenkyuu Kai has hosted several Japanese Culture–themed conventions since 2011, these being referred to as “TamaCon”. In 2015, the organizers decided to name this year’s TamaCon as Tamashii Convention 2015: Igniting the Japanese Spirit – bringing the focus on the expression of the spirit of Japan.

Tamashii Convention 2015, along with its new set of organizers, are planning on setting the ambiance of a Japanese Summer Cultural Festival – trying to bring out the spirit of how festivals are being done in Japan with a slight mix of Japan’s ever popular pop culture. TamaCon 2015 will also be featuring its very own café, wherein guests will be able to experience the aesthetics of being in a cultural Japanese setting while enjoying a cup of tea.


Tamashii Convention 2015 is set on March 28, 2015 at Function Room 1 & Meeting Hall 2 and 3, in SMX Convention Center beside Mall of Asia.

Nihon Kenkyuu Kai is a professional organization in De La Salle University for Japanese Studies students, and the students who are interested in Japan and its rich culture. The organization provides various activities for its members to enrich their passion and knowledge about Japan.