Love, Type Workshop: Learning the Art of Writing Letters

Remember the days when we used to doodle and do lettering at the back part of our notebooks? Those who are adept in lettering are who we usually deemed as the cool kids in class and you just can’t help but admire (and copy) their beautiful and neat penmanship. How can groups of words and letters look so easy on the eyes?

Love, Type

Hand lettering is an art form that never goes out of style. There are people may be born with that talent while for some, it takes practice… lots of it. Apart from being skillful and known for their art, both Abbey and Denise are friends who still practice their craft constantly and regard every day as a learning process.  With years of experience in doing typography and lettering for various clients and as more people have become interested in the art of drawing letters, both have decided to impart some of their knowledge and share tips about typography and lettering through their own workshop called Love, Type.

Lettering Workshop

Love Type, is the first lettering workshop lead by Abbey Sy (of H.E.A.R.T. by artistic-dreams) and Denise Labordo. Happened last February 15 at Third Cup Café, Katipunan, the two artists taught the basics in hand lettering and typography and shared tips and advice for aspiring creatives.




During the workshop, we were taught about the difference between lettering, typography and calligraphy, serif and sans serif and different kinds of type.


A cheat sheet prepared by Abbey and Denise exclusively for the attendees of this workshop.


The best materials and some brands they recommend for doing letterings are Artline, Uni and Micron.

“The goal is to make lettering a visual form of art, not just text to be read.”

This is true for us who love collecting inspiring and motivating quotes. In social networking sites such as Facebook and tumblr, people like posting pictures of quotes and words. When done in beautiful lettering or typography, the quote or word has more impact and becomes more meaningful because of the added artistic element.



More pictures during the workshop:






After their talk, the actual hand lettering activity started. Everyone was very busy doing lettering and applying the tips that they have learned.





Look, even if it had been just a few hours, our lettering improved so much! (*v*)


Abbey doing a demo






Learning more about hand lettering and typography was a very enriching experience for us. Just like Abbey and Denise, if you believe, love and improve on your art, more opportunities will come along the way and the best way to give thanks is by sharing your knowledge with others. Following the dynamic duo’s advice, we will keep in our minds and hearts to not forget to have lots and lots of fun!



Good news! To those who weren’t able to attend the workshop or want to learn more about lettering and typography, Love, Type will be holding another workshop this summer! Announcements will be posted by Abbey and Denise in their respective blogs/websites. Watch out for it!

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