Beyond The Cutest Dreams : The Kawaii PH Book Launch

Dreams, beliefs, actions, and hard work—these are just some of the factors that were shown by the Kawaii PH team in order to come up with something as inspiring as this.Finally, The “Kawaii PH Book” will be released in order to empower more kawaii enthusiasts and dreamers to be more confident and open about their kawaii selves.

Kawaii PH Book Launch

The Kawaii PH Book was created by the members and friends of the Kawaii Philippines team by compiling and sharing their stories, experiences, inspirations, blogs, and actions in order to help spread the meaning of kawaii and what makes every individual unique. The aim of the book is to enlighten people and educate the curious on what kawaii actually is, and what Kawaii PH does. The team members have their own assignments and tasks in collecting information, pictures, writing the stories, organizing events and workshops, and many more, in order to curate all these into one cohesive guide.

This book aims to bring the kawaii people all together by touching and inspiring everyone’s hearts upon reading what lies beyond the covers. It is also interactive in such that the team had also provided pages for mini games and activities for the readers to feel as if they have also participated in the completion of this book. Helpful do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorials, kawaii dessert recipes, and a lot more can be found and tried out as well.

A compilation of significant events, workshops and happenings have also been summarized into a hand-held item that, apart from being easy to carry around, makes you feel like you are in it as well.

By bringing the Kawaii Community together, the team will be hosting a book launch for the release of the Kawaii PH Book! It will be full of fun-filled activities, and kawaii surprises! In addition, you can get to know the team, as well as your fellow kawaii enthusiasts.

The event will be held at the L/G Event Center, Mega A, SM Megamall from 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM, with the program officially kicking off at 6:00PM. Apart from all the fun activities lined up, there will also be the special nationwide airing on channel 13 of Kawaii International Season 2 from NHK Japan!

All proceeds from the book sales will go to Kawaii Fund ( 

For more details about the event, please check page for future announcements!

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Words by Mica (Edited by Armaine and Marielle)