Top 5 Kawaii Purikura Apps by Micaela Cruz

It’s every kawaii girl’s dream to take photos at a purikura booth, but sadly, here in the Philippines, there’s little to no purikura photo booth at all. And if there is, it’s actually quite difficult to locate or find the good ones! That’s why some settle for phone applications that help them edit their photos to achieve that kawaii look of a purikura picture!

In most cases, when we try to search for “purikura apps” on our app store or play store, hundreds of results come up and usually, the ones you download include cute stickers, photo enhancement filters and girly borders… but you don’t really get the “Purikura” effect you’re after! To help the kawaii girls (and boys) out there with this frustrating predicament, I have laid out the top 5 purikura apps (in my opinion of course, and these are what I personally use as well) that are available for download!

These applications do not only have kawaii stickers and borders, but also have the ability to add the purikura eye effect, the “motion” or continuous stickers, bright filters, and edit the background!

Let’s start the list! ( ´∀`)☆





This app is super easy and cute! you can edit the filters, get a lot of kawaii stickers (some are designed/collabed by kawaii artists) and you can get the purikura eye effect where you get the doll look! There are a lot of cute frames and borders, and the templates included are adorable! The best part is, it’s FREE!


Ricco 2



This is another super kawaii app with the weirdest and cutest stickers ever! Do you follow Japanese idol blogs and notice that the pictures in their posts have these strange composition and weird stickers? I finally found out that this is the app that they use! Everything is simple and cute in this app, but unfortunately, this isn’t free. This app costs around $0.99-1.99 but, I swear, it’s so worth it!




You can say that this app is one of the closest app there is to creating the perfect purikura! The stickers are similar to a purikura machine. Some features include an editable background,  kawaii border/templates, and make up stickers that can be used to kawaii-fy and dollify your look! Harajuku wallpapers are also included in the set to give a more Japanese feel to your photo! The greatness doesn’t stop there… another good news for this app is… it’s completely FREE!


Beauty Plus

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One of my personal favorite apps of all time! This is such a beautiful photo editor! It makes your photos clearer and gives your face a beautiful glow. It also has wonderful filters that can enhance the beauty of  your photo and the sparkling stickers available are all so super kawaii! Personally, this is my go-to app when it comes to ‘dollifying’ the eyes to achieve the purikura effect on your picture! One other thing that makes this app more amazing is that it’s FREE to download for everyone!



iphone2 rakuga

One of the first ever Purikura apps I have ever used. I would say that this is also one of the most kawaii apps because its features include applying make up on, creating your own designs, and also putting together your purikura photos into a scrapbook-like picture! If you’re actually scared of putting contact lenses to look more kawaii or dolly-like, then fear no more! You can use this app to change your facial features and make yourself look more kawaii! The app itself is free with stickers and themes included, but you can also purchase more designs for only $0.99 and there are a lot of themes to choose from!

And those are the top 5 Kawaii Purikura apps you can use to kawaii-fy your photos more! What are you waiting for?  Go download these purikura applications now! Have fun kawaii-fying yourself! (─‿‿─)

Go on and edit your pictures with these apps and upload it on your Facebook or Instagram account and don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #purikuraph so we can see the kawaii photos you’ve edited!

We’ll be waiting for the your kawaii photos! ∩(︶▽︶)∩


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