School of Kawaii S.Y. 2015-2016: Workshop #3 “Kawaii Polymer Clay”

The third installment for School of Kawaii has recently ended last June 21, 2015 at no other than The Bunny Baker Cafe. This time, they taught the kawaii students how to create kawaii Polymer clay accessories, many thanks to our workshop sponsor– Provenance 1800 Designs and Crafts!

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They also had a mini pop-up booth where you can buy already made Polymer clay accessories or Polymer clay materials if you want to create one on your own!

The workshop started off with basic introductions to Polymer Clay Accessory making, and the students finally started making their own kawaii desserts charm bracelet!

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 10849030_847024705392119_8859470897969891166_o  10296099_847024522058804_1835387756259003207_o 11402431_847024725392117_7288166747796788954_o 11415502_847005148727408_7841889695366095140_o 11536119_847023968725526_1810495194869402607_n

Everyone was serious about making their accessories a success. Everyone had fun making the dessert charms of their bracelet, but it seems they enjoyed making their chibi versions more!

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All of their dessert charms look so kawaii and yummy! Their chibi versions are super adorable!

Ingrid-sensei was also very nice and understanding and of course patient. Indeed, the 3rd School of Kawaii was also another #SchoolOfKawaii milestone!

Thank you to everyone who attended and hope to see everyone in the future events! : )


P.S. Don’t forget to get a copy of The Kawaii PH Book from Kawaii PH Store! : )

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Article by Micaela Cruz

Photos by Francis Clemente