Kawaii-fy Your Picture Frame by Kaye

Kawaii-fy Your Life” is a blog series of super fun & easy DIY tutorials produced by the Kawaii.PH team members themselves. Each member will be showcasing her creativity and resourcefulness through this special blog series here @ www.kawaii.ph!

For the first set of blog entries, Kawaii.PH’s own social media manager / talented seamstress Kaye will be teaching you how to “kawaii-fy” your life using fabric scraps, a needle and thread.. and anything you can recycle and reuse from your about-to-be-trash stash! (=´∇`=)

Let’s start kawaii-fying your life by creating a cute picture frame from scratch! ❤

Materials Needed ❤


  • Kawaii cloth
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Glue Gun
  • Plastic Cover
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Instructions ❤


Cut two pieces of cardboard with a measurement of  14 x14 cm.


Line the inner part of the board with 3cm each side.

3 4

Cut the inside part of the board using a ruler and a cutter.


Please be careful in doing so! :)


Cut your kawaii fabric. It should be larger than your cardboard.


Measure the inner part of your fabric with 3cm each side, so you can have an allowance when you wrap your cardboard with the fabric.


Cut a 5 x 14 cm in your cardboard for your picture frame’s stand.

9 10

Measure your stand with a 9 cm in length and draw a line at the end of it. This will be your mark where you will “semi-cut” your stand.

11 12

Now, using the cutter cut your stand in the line.

Remember, do not cut through it completely and only just half-way so you can bend it well.


Now, cover your cardboard with your kawaii fabric!

And then glue it on the back of your frame using the glue gun.


For the cover inside your picture frame to protect our pictures from dirt and dust, use a plastic cover.

Cut a smaller size of your picture frame.


Glue your plastic cover inside your picture frame using the glue gun.

Put your picture frame together. Glue it on the lower part, and on the sides.

(Do not close the upper part because it is where you will  insert the photo. )

Kawaii-fy Your Picture Frame

You can also put ribbons, laces, pins, and the like to make your picture frame more “kawaii”!


About The Author

Kaye loves making DIY tutorials, creating kawaii accessories, and sewing dolly dresses.

Follow her on instagram: @dollykaye

  • bunenen

    I suggest to use clear acetate so that it won’t crumple and looks nicer.:)