Kawaii-fy Your Life Series: Kawaii Flip flops

Kawaii beach bums rejoice as your favourite season is finally here! Summer is the time when you should travel, head to the beach and make fun memories while wearing the best footwear for summer… flip flops! No summer experience is complete without wearing a pair of comfy flip flops and feeling warm sand between your toes. It’s truly one of summer’s must wear items because it keeps us relaxed and helps us leave our worries behind even just for a little while.

As a part of our Kawaii-fy Your Life Series, here is another simple and easy tutorial on how to make your flip flops kawaii and perfect for summer.

They say, “Life is better in flip flops.” We say, “Life is better in KAWAII flip flops!
By turning your plain pair of flip flops to a kawaii one, you will surely be turning heads as you stroll along the beach.

Now, how do you think we will make flip flops look kawaii?
Your guess is correct! Our favourite go-to solution… add bows to it!



  • Fabric
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissor
  • Slippers
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue sticks
  • Tape measure


1. Cut 4 pieces of fabric in 6” x 8” sizes.

1 2

2.Fold the fabric in half and sow the sides together.
Note: Make sure that the back part of the fabric is on the outside and the front is on the inside.


3. On one side of the fabric, cut the middle part and then flip the fabric inside out so that you will be now working with the right side of the fabric.


4. Do the same procedure to all of the 3 remaining fabrics ☺


5. For the middle part of your ribbons, cut a 4” x 1 ½” of fabric, fold it in half and stitch the sides.


6. Scrunch the middle part of the fabric and you will see how it will form into a ribbon. Wrap the small fabric that you previously did around the middle part and seal it by stitching the ends together.


7. Now, you have 2 ribbons! ☺


8.Using your glue gun and your glue sticks, glue the ribbon into the middle part of your slippers. (Be careful in using the glue gun! ) Glue it together and make sure that it will not be easily removed.
TIP: You can also add more bows, artificial flowers, laces and beads or whatever that suits your personality. The cuter, the better!


Tadaaaaa, your kawaii-fied flip flops are ready for summer!

You can even match it with your pretty pastel painted toe nails. ☺

Now, make your fun summer times more memorable with your kawaii flip flops!

We’d love to see your own version of Kawaii flip flops. Share with us your work by sending us a message on our facebook page or emailing us at hello@kawaii.ph!

  • kawaiibunnyaira

    So that’s how you make a bow. I might use that for a hair clip instead but I will definitely try this