How Do You “Kawaii-fy Your Life”?

Living the kawaii life isn’t as difficult as it seems. Though it may be true that we tend to hoard on all the cute things that our eye catches (we can’t help it!), having holes in our pockets due to rabid cuteness hoarding is often times a dilemma that we wish we wouldn’t have to face. If you can relate, worry not because you don’t always have to spend a lot to be kawaii! “Kawaii-fying” your life can be simple and easy! And we’re here to help make that creative bone in your body work!


“Kawaii-fy Your Life” is a blog series of super fun & easy DIY tutorials produced by the Kawaii.PH team members themselves. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)



We’re here to share with you guys how we satisfy our never ending desire to fill our lives with cute things without having to break the bank!

Kawaii PH Team

Each member will be showcasing her creativity and resourcefulness through this special blog series here @!


You’ll be able to find out ways on how you can make plain and lackluster things look cute and fancy using simple items that aren’t expensive and hard to find. In fact, those things at home that you ignore just might come in handy. Remember, creativity is key!


May this short series guide and inspire you to become the best kawaii person you can be!